Opening hours

Reception is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm.

To speed up check-in, you can print out and fill this passenger card in advance.

Passenger form (PDF)

Welcome to stay with us!


Suomi Camping Oy and Holiday Center Rauhalahti are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism.

As a sign of our commitment to environmentally responsible activities, we have granted an EkoCompass Certificate.

As a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism, we have been granted Sustainable Travel Finland label. 

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How and when I can cancel my reservation?

If you are unable to come to the area, the reservation must be cancelled immediately by phone or e-mail. If you have already paid for the reservation, you can ask for a reimbursement by e-mail   The reservation can generally be canceled 24 hours before the start of the reservation.

When a payment is refunded, an office fee of 25 € is always deducted 


If you have made a reservation through a channel other than us (for example,, it can only be cancelled through the relevant provider. These reservations may also have different cancellation conditions that you have accepted at the time of booking. Please look at them carefully before attempting to cancel the reservation

What to do if I lose or misplace the cottage key?

The booker is responsible for the key and the cottage during the booking period. If you forget the key inside the cottage, you will be charged 30 € for opening the door (40 € at night between 23:00 and 06:00 and on public holidays).

Can I bring pets to the area?

Pets are warmly welcome in the accommodation areas, but advance notification must always be made. Please make sure that your pet has its own bed, if necessary. Pet's place is not on the bed or couch.

The fee for pets in the holiday homes and holiday cottages is 10 € /day for the accommodation period. The pet fee does not compensate damages caused by the pet or additional laundromat costs for textiles.

The illness of a pet does not entitle you to cancel a reservation. The customer is responsible for cleaning up after their pets in the managed grass areas.

With us, you can also bring your pet to the terrace of the Summer Restaurant Rauhalahti during the summer!

Can a minor accommodate in cottages?

Minors are welcome to stay at our camping site.

We require that every minor staying at the camping has with them a free-form permission slip from a guardian or one sent in advance by email. The permission slip must also contain the guardian's telephone number.


NOTE. You must be 22 or over to book a villa.In holiday villa reservations, we require that the guardian goes on site to fill out the passenger form and is therefore fully responsible for the holiday villa.


All guests staying in the cottage are jointly and severally liable if the property is intentionally broken or stolen. We also report any vandalism to the guardians and also to the police.

Is there a restaurant in the area and is breakfast included in the accommodation price?

In our area you will find the summer restaurant Rauhalahti, which is open during the summer season. Opening hours and menu can be found on the Services -page.

Breakfast is not included in the price of our accommodation. Breakfast can be purchased at Rauhalahti during the summer season, adult 14,50 € and child 8,00 €.

You can also bring your pet to the terrace of the Rauhalahti Summer Restaurant during the summer! 

Can I book a specific cottage or caravan pitch number?

Unfortunately, we do not make reservations directly based on the cottage or caravan pitch number.

You can always wish for a certain cottage or caravan pitch number, and we will write it down in your reservation as a wish. Please note that, unfortunately, we are not always able to make wishes come true.

For reservations made through the online store, you can submit all wishes regarding the cottage or pitch number, location, and any other requests, such as travel cots for the baby, immediately at the time of booking in "additional information" -field.

Do I need to reserve a pitch for the motorhome / caravan in advance?

In summer season you do not necessarily need to reserve a place in advance if you arrive within the opening hours of the reception. In the summer we are open from 7am to 11pm daily and in winter on weekdays from 8am to 4pm.

In winter season you need to reserve a place in advance!


If you want to make a reservation in advance, you can easily do so by sending us an email at or by making a reservation directly from our online store!


We recommend that you put the following information in the e-mail, so that the reservation can be made easily: number of people, dates of accommodation and whether there are cards entitling to a discount.

Do the cottages/villas have own address? Where are the cottages /villas located?

Address is Rauhankatu 3, 70700 Kuopio.


The cottages do not have their own address, all cottage types are located in our area. At the reception, we will guide you to the cottages with the help of the area map. In the summer season, the reception is located next to the gates as soon as you enter the area, in the winter season we are at the winter reception at the back of the area.

Is it possible to get an early check-in?

In holiday homes the check-in is at 3pm and in other cottages at 4pm.

The cottage is at our previous customer´s use until 12pm. If the cottage is cleaned before check-in time, we can give you the cottage.

Does public transport go to Rauhalahti and is it easy to get to the city center?

From us you can easily reach the center of Kuopio by public transport and from the city center to us.

Buses number 7 and 16leaves right next our area, se leaving and arriving is very easy. See timetables here.


At summer you can also find electric citybikes in KuopioSee more about the bikes here.

Does the campsite include a laundry facility?

The service buildings on our campsite include two places where guests can do laundry. Laundry detergent is not available in the laundry rooms but can be purchased from the reception as necessary! The holiday homes are equipped with washing machines. 



The accommodation day in the holiday and camping cottages begins at 4 pm and in the holiday homes at 3 pm. The accommodation day in all the cottages ends at 12 (noon). 

The accommodation day in the recreational vehicles and tents begins at 4 pm on the arrival date and ends at 3 pm on the departure date.

Cancellation terms and conditions

For reservations less than one week, the reservation can be cancelled the day prior to the start of the reservation until 4 p.m. For a cancellation made after this time, the Centre has the right to charge the price for one accommodation day. 
For a reservation that lasts one week or more or concerns multiple accommodation units, the customer may make the cancellation without charge 7 days before the start date of the reservation. For cancellations made later, the Centre has the right to be compensated for the agreed price as follows: 

  • 3–6 days before the start of the reservation, 50% of the value of the reservation for the time period that the accommodation unit could not be rented again. 
  • less than 2 days before the start of the reservation, 100% of the value of the reservation for the time period that the accommodation unit could not be rented again. 


Reservations made for times during special events (e.g. Midsummer and Sawo Show) may be cancelled free of charge 30 days before the start date of the reservation. For cancellations made later, the Centre has the right to be compensated for the agreed price as follows: 

  • 8-29 days before the start of the reservation, 50% of the value of the reservation for the time period that the accommodation unit could not be rented again. 
  • less than 7 days before the start of the reservation, 100 % of the value of the reservation for the time period that the accommodation unit could not be rented again. 

Special event reservations are always paid in advance, either in the online store or against an invoice. If the customer has not made the payment by the due date, the service provider may unilaterally cancel the reservation and return the object to be rented. 


Note. Not paying for the reservation is not a cancellation! If the customer does not cancel their reservation and the object remains unrented due to the unpaid reservation on it, the price of the reservation in its entirety is charged to the customer that did not arrive. 
Departure before the agreed upon time: full price is charged for the time not used. 

Service provider's right to cancel a reservation

The camping area is not responsible for a reservation cancellation due to force majeure. In this case, the customer has the right to be reimbursed for the possible payment for accommodations made in advance. The service provider's liability is limited to reimbursing only the paid amount, and there is no obligation to provide a compensatory object. In a force majeure case, the service provider may offer to change the reservation, to the extent possible, to another form of accommodation as an alternative to cancelling the reservation. 


Group refers to a party that has reserved at least five accommodation units. The group must submit a list of names and room distribution in advance. The group discount is 5% of the normal prices of the accommodation units.

Accommodation and cleaning the cottage

The key is picked up and returned at Rauhalahti Holiday Centre’s reception (Rauhankatu 3, 70700 Kuopio). In the winter, picking up the key must be agreed upon separately, and the key is left on the kitchen table upon departure.  


If you sleep without sheets, we can charge for washing the bedding. Linen is included in the accommodation price in holiday houses and holiday cottages. Linen is not included in the price in camping cottages.  


Basic cleaning is included in the accommodation price. The customer is, however, required to put things in their original places, clean the dishes, empty the refrigerator, take the trash to the collection point and take bottles and cans with them. Spilled liquids, stains etc. must be removed. Linen is removed and left on the bed. We reserve the right to invoice the customer in arrears, if cleaning the cottage requires extra cleaning or the use of special detergents. 


Final cleaning can be bought from the reception, final cleaning is 80€.

Public disturbances

If a customer behaves in violation of the general rules and regulations of the camping area or acts against instructions given by the camping area staff and does not cease to cause the disturbance despite a warning given by a representative of the camping area, the camping area has the right to discontinue the reservation immediately. Actual costs resulting from all of the above-mentioned procedures are charged to the person who made the booking. 


In summer season there is a night guard in the area.

Damages, deficiencies and claims

All remarks related to the furniture and condition of the accommodation unit must be addressed to the camping area’s staff immediately, whereupon they can be fixed or compensated already during the accommodation. If the flaw cannot be fixed or compensated on site, you must make a written claim regarding the matter.  


Likewise, the customer is responsible for notifying the Centre immediately and compensating the damages caused to the accommodation unit or other camping area buildings and their furniture. Unreported damages are invoiced according to actual costs in arrears. The person who made the booking is fully responsible for ensuring that the rented accommodation unit stays in good condition during the accommodation reservation. The service provider is not responsible for problems caused by a third party (for example, breaks in the water or electricity network, the data communications or television network). 

Number of persons

The greatest number of persons permitted in an accommodation unit is the same as the number of beds and extra beds. The number of persons must be declared with a passenger form no later than at check-in, and it cannot be exceeded. 

Obligation to provide traveller information

In accordance with the Accommodation Act, a traveller must fill out a passenger form before accommodation. The customer has the option to fill out and print an electronic passenger form which speeds up the accommodation process at the camping area. 


The passenger form must be filled out no later than at check-in. A penalty is imposed under criminal law on neglecting the obligation to provide information and giving false personal information. The passenger form (PDF) link can be found below.  


Smoking is permitted only outside the accommodation areas. With regard to unauthorised smoking indoors, the service provider has the right to charge for the additional costs resulting from cleaning and ventilation.

Lost property

Lost items are kept for 3 months and can be claimed at the reception free of charge. The customer is responsible for costs resulting from shipping the lost items



  • Upon arrival, check in at the reception and prove your identity if requested. 
  • Fill out the traveller form. 
  • Follow the staff's instructions with regard to making payments. 
  • The group leader manages the accommodation for groups. 


  • Follow the staff’s instructions on choosing the camping place and placing the recreational vehicle, tent and vehicle. 
  • The distance between the recreational vehicles and tents should be at least four (4) metres. Group accommodation tents must be agreed upon separately. 
  • Overnight stays are permitted only in recreational vehicles, tents and cottages. 
  • Fixed arrangements and structures around your camping place (for example, a flagpole, terrace, fence, ditch) are forbidden without permission from area staff. Follow cleanliness and given instructions in the cottages.

Staying in the area

  • Making a fire is permitted only in marked fireplaces. 
  • Bringing guns, dangerous steel weapons and other disturbing and dangerous objects to the area is forbidden. 
  • Vests or clothes that can refer to criminal activity or are easily associated with it are forbidden. 
  • Be considerate around the clock regarding the volume level when playing the radio, television and music. 
  • Make sure that your children’s playing does not disturb other guests. Playing ball games is permitted only in designated areas. 
  • Pets must be kept on leash and taken out only in designated areas. 
  • Unnecessary idling of motor vehicles is forbidden. Avoid the unnecessary use of motor vehicles in the area and follow the speed limits and traffic signs.  
  • Exceptionally loud vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, tractors etc., must be kept in the parking area outside the area.  
  • Quiet time is 12 midnight - 6 a.m., at which time driving a car, loud discussion, listening to music etc. making noise in the area is absolutely forbidden. The area is monitored for disturbances. Please notify the staff immediately about public disturbances, tel. 017 473 000. Persons who cause a disturbance may be removed from the area.  
  • Engaging in trade or related activities without permission is forbidden.  
  • Disruptive use of alcoholic drinks is forbidden. 
  • Respect other customers and do not cause disturbances. 
  • Visiting the area is permitted only with the staff’s permission 


  • Every guest is responsible for their own belongings. 
  • Belongings kept in the area are the guest's responsibility.  
  • The person who caused the damage is primarily responsible for compensating the damage that occurred. 

Cleanliness and tidiness

  • Keep your camping place environment tidy and clean it carefully upon departure. 
  • Take out the trash to the provided trash cans. 
  • Washing, washing clothes and drying clothes is permitted only in designated area. 
  • Make sure the maintenance areas you use are left tidy. 
  • Car washing and maintenance is permitted only in designated areas. 
  • The emptying of a chemical toilet and grey water must be done only in the emptying facilities. 
  • Leave the cottage tidy upon departure and remember to take out the trash.